5 stars

Five stars = Mind-attack!

It will take me a lifetime before this book dissolve in my memory bank. Everything that the author creates is a masterpiece. The story will linger in my mind, heart and soul- my life, to be exact– from now on as if they become a part of me ‘coz I learned a lot from it, I want to marry the book itself! Yes, baby. I’m exaggerating at that part so you may know how I literally fell in love with it, instant favorite!

What I want to tell you: This is gold my dearest friends, therefore, march out and get your hands in these books quick!

4 stars
AND HALF (1/2)

Four and a half stars = Mind-blowing!

Where have the half stars gone? My heart is in a wretched of wanting to give it a five but unable to do so just because.. if only.. but.. no! not falling into four,(the book caught me intensely, unable to leave me at any moment) in fact, crafted with wit and love the way it gives me the feels. Amazing.. yet I will surely get over with it in due time unlike the marked of those with five- a year, couple of months perhaps? 

What I want to tell you: Keep calm and cuddle with these books, RIGHT NOW! Am I calm enough? I thought so. 

4 stars

Four stars = Mind-satiated.

My veins are singing with pleasures to find this gem in unceasing lists of books. I’m entirely hooked on divulging the book, my curiosity/interest is still in peak and I loved it but not as much as going crazy.. just enough to fill satisfaction of mind and justify my read, notwithstanding that there are minor details about it, I found flat moments along the story which give me reasons not to give the ultimatum stars.

What I want to tell you: I never expect to find this book, I think this is my Alexander the great.. sort-of. Try it and see for yourself!

AND HALF (1/2)

Three and a half stars = Mind-struck.

Utterly good and exemplary read, however, my curiosity/interest is mildly caught. There’s something extraordinary about it or instances I never see will happen come along-swift me off my feet- which leads me to the middle point of four and three. I also consider the exceptional and peculiar writing style of the author in this stage (that makes it exemplary in the first place) for it not to fall to three.

What I want to tell you: It is finished.. the time has come and you are next in line. la-la-la. You’ll enjoy this!

Three stars = Mind-feed.

My reaction goes like..that book is good! The End. This is my ordinary read. The joy of finding and reading it still not left the premises of my book here, book there stat of mind which means it’s quite worth it. It is so-so for me because I’m thorned between parts of it I like and parts of it I did not like, my great perhaps.

What I want to tell you: It is your right to choose..may the odds be ever in your favor! Oh yes, I think its favorable in a sense.

 2 stars

Two stars = Mind-read.

I feel sad for giving this rate. I just feel like the book is just for read only which is its soul purpose, thereof, and likely not connect with me at all. It’s a dead end for me which means I’m waiting for myself to finish it; looking forward to nothing ‘coz the story just left me way back before it ends. I did not enjoy my journey of reading, it’s more of my resignation has come to be an advantage to find another book. it’s like a thank you book, goodbye affair.

What I want to tell you: Okay? Okay.. but uh… maybe, someday you’ll find another?

1 star

One star = Mind-not.

I’m so sorry for book hanging, the book is not for me. It get on my wrong side of right and I’m trying to find my way to like this book yet failed in the process so I’m leaving it but it doesn’t mean that this book is not for everyone else- ya know, I’m just one of billion plus book lovers here on earth- have the right to try and love this book possibly.

What I want to tell you: Hmm. oh? I just find a book that volunteers itself as the tribute the other day.

Note: After the three stars, there are no such things as 2.5 and 1.5 as aforementioned since I draw the line in three- as I called average reads- it is a take it or leave it for me, so it’s either I find it okay or not at all which falls between two and one.


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