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Hola, guys! How’s your first Thursday has been going? For me, it’s rolling back to my daily life after a long holiday. And spending quality time here just made me warm, giddy and happy notwithstanding of all my accumulated paperworks at my desk. It made me relax to be here and update you guys of what is coming forth here at my created world.




And yes, this is the first book I just finished this 2018. One book down! It piqued my interest while being ignorant of the time that passed. It deprived me rest for two days but it gives enough satisfaction for my book addiction. I love how it begins and it give my book soul a thirst for its sequel at the end.



I don’t enter the challenge last year because there’s a lot that happened in my personal life (one of which was my father’s) and I know that I can’t read lot of books, only a few. But this year, I’m aiming to read 24 books. It might appear few to others but it is a challenge for me who has too many aspects of activities juggling with her life. I’m just very ecstatic to insert my passion of reading, then review and meet other book lovers last 2017. How about you? How many books do you aim this year?


Last Christmas and before the clock tick its way to new year, my nephew and I watched all the series of Harry Potter. Then, I realized how first love can’t be forgotten by the heart. I never read the book and it is my goal this year to start reading all the Harry Potter book series one at a time. 





I believe that I have told you about them last time on my November wrap-up. This is one of the japanese manga I’m reading right now and my heart can’t help but squeal of how these two’s relationship is now working in progress, finally!! And I’m truly and absolutely happy for both of them!!

Right now, the english scanlators are in progress too of translating it so I’ll be giving them a review soon for those who love to try a webcomic or manga too. Expect that I’ll be giving review for other manga as well.


I just stumbled upon this trailer at my youtube homepage and discovered that this is a movie adaption from the book entitled Forever My Girl by Heidi Mclaughlin. My curiosity has tricked me to take a look of its story, maybe read the book before I’ll see the movie.


I’m still working and choosing what I should read this 2018. I’m still conducting any research for my book potentials this month. Do you have any recommendations?

Expect also that I’ll be posting my Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’s review tomorrow since I’ll be working for it after this.

Also, I decided to join Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge 2018 which I stumble to see at Aiofe’s post. (Hi, Aiofe*hands waving) Visit her blog, it’s lovely. You can also subscribe if you wish to join.



That’s all for now. How about you? You can share your thought and chat with me about your blog updates too. Have a happy reading time ahead, fellow book lovers!



3 thoughts on “miscellaneous posts 0.1

  1. I want to read The Cruel Prince too! I will start as soon as I can. And I hope I will love it as much as you do.

    Oh! I am going to read the Harry Potter series too this year. I read it a long long time ago and I want to fall in love with my fav characters again.

    My Goodreads goal is 52 books this year, but I am hoping that I can read more than that.

    Best of luck with your reading challenge and reading goals! I hope you have a great reading year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youuu, Sush! Me too. I really hope to read more than my reading challenge! (beating myself into it)
      Harry Potter is the greatest wizard book to re-read and there’s no helping it. I’ll be looking forward for your post, then and chitchat with you about it along the way.

      I’m at work on writing my The Cruel Prince’ review. It’s a great read!

      Have a great and happy reading day, Sush! ❤

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