month-end wrap up: dec 2017 reads // january 2018 tbr

monthly wrap-up
ngngI know that I”m two days late for this greetings and for the year-end wrap up (forgive me guys, but I’m attending our family reunions away from my home and laptop) but my heart is still ecstatic to do this post and greet the book blogosphere and my book soulmate buddies here!! 🎉😊💕 *you know who you are guys.



  • Cheers for my two months stay here 🥂and I’m very much excited and looking forward to read more books and meet new friends from different countries who share the same interest. You are all awesome! My 2017 is truly remarkable because I’ve given birth to allow myself heard through this blog. 📚
  • Quality time with family and friends refreshes my soul and I’m happy that the holiday season which is widely celebrated here in my country, ties my bond with them beyond further. Due to that, I’ve got an idea to share some insights of our culture (as a Filipina) in my blog for 2018.


bb Strange the Dreamer (4.75/5) This book has been one of my comfort zone breaker and I’m happy that I’ve got my hands on this. It was fascinating and now my bookish soul is anticipating for its second part this year! *click the title for my review.  


ddTurtle All the Way Down (4/5) Who wouldn’t know this book? Aza just got me inside that tightening spirals of her and there’s no way I’ll forget how it felt. You will never go wrong of John Green’s book. This is a book for all those who possessed a curious mind. *click the title for my review


9780735220683_EleanorOliph_JKF.inddLastly, my dearest Eleanor is Completely Fine which I thought will give me a loosen read after having TATWD only to find myself blown off. It affected me more than what I have expected and tackles about distinctive life issues which I dearly treasured afterwards. I’ve finished reading it last day of December but never had the time to post.  I’m sure to post it this coming Friday. 


TCPAbout my TBR for January 2018, I’m still choosing from my tbr shelf (it’s piling real quick especially that 2018 published books has arrived) and I know how very familiar the feelings are for you. So, I’ll be going to write another post for this one.

My current read right now is The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. This one just got me and my mind become restless of what this Faerie world become. 🤓🤔

Therefore, that is my wrap-up post for last month. Thank you, guys! 🤗😘 I’ll be sticking around here and I’m really in the quest of engaging and doing more post this year. I’m still on my way of learning around here so I’m really thankful for everyone who became a part of my 2017 and for those who have given me a hand along the way. Cheers for 2018!!ldc




2 thoughts on “month-end wrap up: dec 2017 reads // january 2018 tbr

  1. Awww, so cool that you’re reading The Cruel Prince – I’ve only heard good things about this one and I’m very curious about it! I hope you enjoy it! ❤ Also, Strange the Dreamer seems a little bit out of my comfort zone too, but I'm hyped about it because it only seems to have positive reviews!
    Lovely post!

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