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Before the first week of December ends, which is also way passed the month of November, I’ve decided to do my first wrap-up month (Yayyy! my heart can’t help it but felt ecstatic ☺️). Let me share with you guys why November is an incredible month for me:


  1. November is my birth month. As a present for myself, I’ve decided to strike out some items on my bucket list and yes, you guessed it right! Blogging is one of them which is why Nov. became its birth month. So starting 2018, I’ll have double celebration every eleventh month of the year. 🎉🎉
  2. This is also the month of changes and new opportunities. I have done little steps toward my dream and I’m happy that finally, I’ve done the first step. 💪They said it is the hardest (which is a fact, by the way) and I felt very accomplished that I’m now ahead of it, so this month really meant something.
  3. Last, my heart felt triumphant that I can now voice out my perspective or thoughts about the things I’ve loved here at blogosphere and it’s overwhelming to receive warm and kind-spirit of welcomes from everyone here (to whom I’ll mention later to say my heartfelt gratitude).

Now, ladies and gentlemen, without any further ado let’s go back to the purpose of this post and recap my book reviews last November..


maybe-in-another-life-1   Maybe in Another Life (4/5) transported me to the parallel universe and let me reflect about life’s decisions, choices, destiny and fate, how these factors affect one’s individuality. *click the title for my book review.


 The Sun and her flowers, (3/5) on the other hand let me explore another mind of a woman and how she views the world. It encouraged me and awaken another voice within me on which I’ve been a part of long time ago. *click the title for my book review.

wbbaLastly, my favorite read this month (out of the three I reviewed and to other books I read this year before this blog) is When Breath Becomes Air, (5/5) an unforgettable memoir of a man who taught me a life worthy of living and a death worthy of leaving. A highly recommended book for those like me who also love to read a book that can reach their soul profoundly while increasing their wisdom about life. *click the title for my book review.

My diversity on reading just reflect my upcoming reads. By the way guys, I just found out that I’m inclined to post reviews during Friday night (based on our country’s time, though); so, expect that I’m likely to post within that day. Anyway, here are my books to-be-reads:

bbStrange the Dreamer (for my fantasy reads) I’ve found great reviews about this book and I want to know if Laini Taylor and I have an amazing chemistry. This is my current read.

ddTurtles All the Way Down (for my YA) Obviously, you all know guys who’s the author of this book, right? A big yes of my why and of course, Marie @drizzleandhurricanebooks’ review gave me an absolute “should read this one next” kind of reason.

9780735220683_EleanorOliph_JKF.inddEleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (for my Fiction) a debut novel of Gail Honeyman but its synopsis hunts my interest since I saw myself therein, so I want to read this as soon as possible.

Well, If my schedule permits there are two books remaining on my list but I will not share it for now. I’ll have an additional post about them if ever I finished those three upcoming reads.


Now, I want to share what you can expect of me this month, since I’ll start my project of blogging other hobbies of mine:

*Mangas/Manhwas I’m currently reading (I’m way too ahead of the chapters but I want to share it so I’ll tell my insights with you) and will review this month:

Here are the lists of Movies I loved this November (mostly a rewatch, but I can’t help it so I included it here. 😅) Starting this december, I’ll try to review what my eyes have seen on screen.

*Future Asian Movies and Korean Dramas (Bubble gum at the top of my list)  The movies I’m going to watch this month or those of my favorites (which I’ll replay if time permits) will be added here at my blog. Additionaly, expect other things that come up with my Lazlo Strange like brain (I just told you it’s my current read and my mind is still hanging with him. 😂) and some personal information about my life along the way. 😉


I want to give a shout-out for all the book bloggers who I’ve met this month and have been my new found friend (list in alphabetical order). My heart is leaping with joy when we have a little chit chats and for all those times you spent just to drop by here at my little world. Thank you!! 😘💕  You (points at you) should check them out! *click their names to know them more.

And (drumrolls) a loud shout-out for this lovely lady:

  • dez @thefuninreadingbooks (my friend in real life. She’s really not a new found friend but I want her here. She’s one of my first supporter! haha *Hi dez! 👋)

Lastly, for my dearest followers!! A lot of loves and hugs for you! 💕😘😊 You help me grow and push my happiness further, thank you for your support! Please don’t shy away or hesitate to chat and talk with me in the process. Okay? Okay.

So, that’s all for my long wrap. This is a first time for me and I have fun writing this. Thank you for bearing it with me. Haha. Have a great day ahead! Feel free to tell me what you did read, your currently reading and your upcoming reads. I love to know, guys, really!





13 thoughts on “november 2017 reads // december 2017 tbr + miscellaneous posts

  1. Hi-five on your first wrap-up post and welcome to this community 🙂 I can see how excited you are and I am equally glad to meet you 🙂 I consider myself new too in this blogging world and I am still learning many things 🙂
    Read Turtles All the Way Down for sure. It is one of my favourite of the year 🙂 And I love John Green 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hiya! Bubblegum is on my list too!!! I loved Lee Dong-Wook in Goblin and I’m so excited to watch this one!! I still haven’t watched A Monster Call but I plan to watch this month, I know my heart is going to break a little and that’s why I think I’ve been postponing it for months!
    And thaaanks for the shoutout! I hope you have an amazing December! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You need to watch A Monster Calls, I watched it together with my nephew and we learned a lot from it! I’ve watched Bubble gum two years ago but I want to give it a review so I’ll be going to watch it again, because they are my fave OTP. Haha. Thank you, I hope you had a blast this month, too! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Jenny! And before anything else, Congrats on finally ticking out one from you bucket list! Yey! 🎉🎉🎉 That calls for a celebration and I’m happy for you. 😀 I’ve been MIA here for a while now so I’m only replying now. Hehe.

    I haven’t read any of these books but I’ve been eyeing both Strange the Dreamer and Turtles All the Way Down! And, and! I LOVED Bubblegum. I remember enjoying it with my sister. 🙂

    p.s. I’m a manga reader too but it’s been a while since I last read one. My last, I think, was Akatsuki no Yona. 😀

    Happy Reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, dez! Yes, I’m also too happy that I’ve finally done the work ✅ Reading manga is surely a great leisure for me since its more of a quick read since it released one chap per month. I’m enjoying ‘Strange the Dreamer’ so far and will post the review after I’m done reading it! 😊 I just finished While You were Sleeping and want to rewatch Bubble Gum. Haha. Anyway, I hope you and your sister will have fun watching and reading! Have a great day ahead! ❤️☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Awwww I am a little late to this, but it makes me so happy to see that you added Turtles to your TBR! I hope you will read it soon – if you haven’t started it just yet – and will love it 🙂 and thank you so, so much for the shout-out, I’m so happy to have met you thanks to blogging and hope to have more and more conversations with you about books, especially given that we love the same kind of books, I think 😀
    I hope you are having a great December so far! xxx


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