the starting point

ggggHola, everyone! In case you haven’t came across of my About section (I understand, it’s one click away, anyway) and never see my gravatar at the side (reaaallyy? oh, let me suppose anyway) let me introduce myself and this blog.

WHO? I’m Jerich, (nice meeting you!) I’ll be nothing but a blur if you take away my glasses, so please don’t. (just in case) I’m a natural introvert who valued knowledge above everything else, my thirst for wisdom gives birth in my interest to read books, to watch movies/documentaries and to write things under the sun. They are my favorite things to-do which leads me now HERE! Yes, excited to point that out.

HOW? Retrospectively, my book love story started when I have read For One More Day by Mitch Albom. My love for fiction has formed since that day and I begin to read other genres too. e.g young-adult, fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, dystopian, romance and classics. Then, the stars bring me to Goodreads which becomes my ultimate soulmate.

Then WHAT? onereadertalks is a platform of hunger to share my reading experiences, feelings, and thoughts which leads me to blogging. Bloggers are lovely! I want to give my genuine reviews, and my personal writings along the way. As aforementioned, I want to share my appreciation for things I’ve come to love. I’m a diverse reader/viewer, so expect me to be a diverse blogger.

WHY? I’m looking forward that my blog will enlighten, encourage, and lift your moods. Please note that I’m not a prodigy and this is only an opinion of a onereader-that-talks. I am also excited to connect with you. Let’s be friends from this day on! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. Enjoy your stay and read with your heart content!



3 thoughts on “the starting point

  1. Yay, welcome to the blogging world, Jerich, it’s great to meet you 🙂 I hope you will have tons of fun blogging and chatting with other bloggers. I will be looking forward to your posts 🙂

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    1. I’m very happy that you are one of the first I met and chat here. You are so kind and sweet. Thank you, I will surely explore and befriend other bloggers like you. Thank you for sharing your time to read my post and drop by my blog! I’m so grateful. I’m looking forward to your posts as well!


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